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15 Best Teen Headphones & Earbuds

What are the best sorts of headphones for teens needing quality sound, practicality & style on the move?

On the lookout for a new set of headphones for your teenage boy or girl?

Unlike younger children, teens need no convincing that they need headphones on while relaxing with their favourite electronic devices – a crucial part of our travelling kit these days.

Whilst their hearing is not as sensitive as young children, there are still plenty of important things you should look for when picking out an excellent set of teen headphones that are sure to last the mile when you travel.

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Types of Headphones for Teenagers

Buying headphones for a teenager is no easy job. That’s because teenagers can graduate from being childlike kids to young adults in no time. You have to be careful about the features while it looks cool enough to match their personal style – and can deliver the sound quality your teen desires.

To buy their headphones, you must learn about the basics. First, we’ll discuss the different types of headphones to choose from, then the common features your teen will need in any type of headphones.

Take a quick look at the types of headphones for teenagers:

Over-Ear Headphones: They have a band connecting the ear cups. These headphones sit on the head and offer a ‘soundscape” that’s closest to a real-life listening experience.On-Ear Headphones: These are lighter versions of the over-ear headphones that are supported on the ears. They aren’t hefty at all and mostly offer great adjustability.In-Ear Monitors or Earbuds: Instead of cups covering the entire ear, they have small buds sealing the opening of the ear canal to keep out sounds. They’re light and portable.    

Features to Look For in Good Headphones for Teenagers

Let’s take a look at the essential features you need to consider while hunting for headphones for teens.

Wired vs Wireless

Wired headphones offer wider connectivity and deliver excellent sound quality without interruptions due to analogue signals. Wireless headphones, however, provide greater freedom. You can also find headphones that offer both features.

Tangle-Free Wire – Find wired headphones with a cord that is tangle-free and durable.Bluetooth – One of the leading technologies used in wireless headphones is Bluetooth. These headphones range from the smallest earbuds to the largest headsets.   Wireless Range – Verify the highest distance from the original device at which the headphones still offer distinct sound.Battery Life – Wireless headphones need to be charged. Their battery life dictates the playtime and the time required for charging. 

Noise Canceling Isolation

Headphones that offer noise isolation do so by providing a physical barrier between your ears and the outside world. On the other hand, noise-cancelling headphones are technologically designed with two sets of headphones and produce waves that cancel external sounds.

Gaming Headphones

It’s hard to pick the right gaming headphones. You can rely on specific brands known around the world for gaming headphones. If you feel like you’re heading into the world of the unknown here, you can simply go for headphones that offer excellent surround sound and an inbuilt mic with hands-free communication. 

We are going to focus here on those over-ear headphones for teenagers and bud headphones that are lightweight, easily portable and great for travel.

Best Headphones for Teenagers

Let’s take a look at the best teen headphones side by side; we look at over-ear headphones first, but also a quick look at some earbuds for your teens to try too.

$ = Under $30USD; $$ = $30 to $70USD; $$$ = $70 – $150USD; $$$$ – over $150USD

Best overall Teen Headphones: Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

A trustworthy brand that offers quality headphones, Beats is a name popular among patrons of music, games, and movies. For your kid, you can buy the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, one of the best headphones for teens. This wireless headset is designed for everyday use and offers unbelievable battery life as a result of just 5 minutes of charging.

What we love about Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones:

Sleek and streamlined design that offers comfort and portabilityAvailable in a vast range of colors to match the taste of any teenOffers wide compatibility, including Android and iOS devicesOffers excellent clarity and balance of sound experience Reliable quality and technology by Beats and Apple

Runner-Up Best Teen Headphones: Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

If there’s one brand that brings you style and quality at pocket-friendly rates, Skullcandy is your destination. For your teenage kid, the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphone can be an excellent choice. It has a sharp look in attractive shades and can be a style statement for your kid. It’s designed to provide an immersive experience while enjoying music, movies, or games.   

What we love about Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones:

Easy to control calls, play music, and adjust the volumeImmersive experience with bass effects like a live concertNoise isolation for a completely undisturbed experienceIncredible sound quality and durability of SkullcandyAvailable in various attractive colors

Best Foldable Headphones for Teens: PowerLocus Bluetooth Wired/Wireless Foldable Headphones

Does your teen kid love to carry their headphones with them everywhere? Then the PowerLocus Bluetooth Wired/Wireless Foldable Headphones can be perfect for them. It folds into a small protective case that also protects the headphones from scratches and moisture. It has a built-in mic for communications and is compatible with phones, tablets, and PCs.

What we love about PowerLocus Foldable Headphones:

Foldable and stretchable band for teens of all agesHigh definition headphones with noise reduction for great soundBluetooth 5.0 with a radio-frequency level of 10 mAvailable as both wired and wireless for more flexibilityCompatible with FM radio and Micro SD/TF

Runner-Up best Foldable Teen Headphones:TUINYO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to accessories for teens, you have to consider both quality and look. That’s why one of the best headphones for teenagers is the TUINYO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. It’s designed for your kid to go anywhere with it. For avid gamers and music lovers, this set with a mic offers outstanding stereo sound quality with strong Bluetooth connectivity within 10 m.

What we love about Tuinyo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:

Fantastic color range with a shiny finishSlot for TF/Micro SD card for a playlist on the headphonePadded band and soft foam ear cups for comfortBoth wireless and wired options availableLight and easy to fold into small spaces

Best Value Teen Headphones: JLab Neon Bluetooth Folding Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones equipped with Bluetooth connectivity offer great freedom to teens so they can move around freely. The JLab Neon headphone is one of the best value wireless headphones for teens, coming in at under $20USD. It offers noise isolation, too, so that your teen can enjoy being away from the world. It has a sharp look that your teen will love if they have developed a “grown-up” sense of style and looks.

What we love about JLab Neon Bluetooth Folding Headphones:

Available in a wide range of unisex colorsExcellent sound quality for all types of music, games, and movies13 hours of playtime on Bluetooth with a range of 9 mAdjustable band and rotatable cups for ultimate comfortInbuilt mic for clear communication during calls 

Runner-Up Best Value Teen Headphones: Elecder i37 Adjustable Headphones for Teens

Are you looking for headphones that will allow your teen to enjoy great sound on any device? The Elecder i36 wired headphones, compatible with any 3.5 mm jack device like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., can be a perfect choice. The item is easy to carry and can be adjusted to fit children and teenagers of different age groups. You’ll surely find a color that your kid will love!

What we love about Elecder i37 Adjustable Headphones:

Light, foldable, and easy to carryBroad range of colors for both boys and girlsSoft ear cups and padded band for greater comfortPremium-quality nylon wire that’s strong and tangle-freeExcellent sound quality with great bass

Best Wired Headphones for Teens: AILIHEN C8 Wired Headphones

Most teens and teen parents consider the AILIHEN C8 Wired Headphones as one of the best wired headphones for teen girls and boys. Their colors, especially the matte ones, are attractive without looking too vivid or tacky. This headset allows hands-free communication and volume control. The ear cups are designed to keep out outside noise for better isolation.

What we love about AILIHEN 28 Wired Headphones:

Stunning range of boyish, girly, and unisex colorsCollapsible headphones with flexible hinges for better portabilityMic and remote control for hands-free calls, as well as gaming as music3.5 mm jack for wide compatibility with all types of devicesIsolated sound with crisp mids and deep bass

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Teens: Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

There’s nothing new that we can tell you about Bose, the ultimate name in the world of sound technology. If the cost is no barrier for you, Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best headphones for teenagers. It is a noise-cancelling headset that offers advancements in the industry – with the voice assistant and Bose’s special augmented reality.

What we love about Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:

Three noise cancelation levels to suit every ambianceEquipped with Alexa-enabled voice assistant for complete controlDual mic system with noise rejection for better communication during callsEnabled with Bose AR, i.e., the innovative augmented reality technology Easy to pair with any iOS and Android device with Bluetooth and Bose app

Runner-Up Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Teens: Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Sony continues to be a name synonymous with quality in the electronics industry. If you have a big budget, the Sony WH1000XM3 Headset is one of the best wireless headphones for teens who are responsible enough to handle an advanced device. Equipped with top-notch technology, this headset enables hands-free calls with a built-in mic.

What we love about Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Available in two sophisticated unisex colors ideal for mature teensOne-touch volume instant volume turn-down systemDigital noise cancelation for the best soundproof experienceAlexa-enabled device that offers voice assistantExceptional quality and sound quality from Sony

Best for Teens with Samsung Devices: Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds

We simply love the stylish look and superior sound quality you can get from Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. Ok, we’re going to admit total bias here as we’re a Samsung household and we all have a set of these earbuds with our smartphones! Teen girl especially loves hers in purple (sorry, Phantom Violet) to match basically every other accessory she owns!

What we love about Glaxay Buds

Superior AKG sound Stand alone use of up to 6 hours get a further 7 hours from the case which doubles as a wireless chargerDual microphone for crystal clear voice callsBluetooth make it both Android and iOS compatible, you’re not looked into Samsung branded products whatsoever

Best for Teens with Apple Devices: Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Airpods are the classic Apple product companion so it’s easy to see why teen Apple fans will immediately flock to the stylish and sleek Airpods. The con – you need an Apple product! Usually, the most expensive devices on the market so may be out of range for many teens.

What we love about the Apple Airpods

Compatibility with Apple devicesUp to 5 hours of listening time in one chargeBattery life of 24 hours with charging case

Best Value Earbuds for Teens: TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds 

There’s no need to buy a branded earbud to match your smartphone. These wireless buds from TOZO deliver powerful bass, mellow midrange, and clear treble in an incredibly stylish package. Easily connect to any device via Bluetooth

What we love about the TOZO T10 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Comes in several stylish unisex metallic finishes The earbds and the case are IP-X8 waterfproof rating – great if they’re kept in your kids gym kit or bags left in the rain!1.5 hour fast-charging via USB-C cableEasy Bluetooth 5.0 pairing with any devicePlaytime over 6 hours from a single charge or get a total of 30 hours with the charging caseNB note you will need a wireless charger – sold seperately  

Best Quality Wired Earbuds for Teens: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones

It’s hard to find in-ear headphones for teens with noise-cancelling technology AND comfortable to wear. 1MORE headphones truly deliver on both fronts. Designed by sound engineers they deliver excellent sound quality and include noise cancellation technology. Unlike most earbuds designed as “one size fits all”, 1MORE give the wearer a choice of 9 different ear tips.

What we love about the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

Oblique angled ear fittings naturally match your ear canalsChoice of 6 silicone and 3 foam ear tips for the most comfortable fitStylish magnetic clasping case for travelGenerous 125cm cord (over 4 feet)Superior mems microphone elimates cross talk and background staticBeautiful presentation box, ideal for gifting

Another great choice for teens serious about their sound quality but at a more affordable price point. The integrated microphone and smart device playback control.

What we love about the Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud headphones

Hybrid silicone earbuds12 millimeter dome type driver units deliver powerful deep bassTangle-free, Y-type flat cord with slider

Best Value Teen Earbuds: KZ ES3 Dynamic Hybrid Dual Driver in Ear Headphones 

These hybrid headphones can be used as wired or wireless. Compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, these are a pretty neat and stylish set of earbuds at a reasonable price point. The dual-driver refers to the sound quality – one mid-treble balanced armature and one bass dynamic driver are built-in which gives the earphones balanced frequency.

What we love about the KZ ES3 Dynamic Hybrid Dual Driver in Ear Headphones

Superior ergonomic fit for comfortable wearing3.9 foot cable for plenty of maneuverability2 silicone earbuds included – small and largeNB not all models include a mic, do select carefully if this is a required feature.

So which teen headphones will you go for?

It’s quite clear that there is a huge range of product choices and like all tech products, the latest models are CONSTANTLY changing! Don’t use too much guesswork; when it comes to teen products DO consult on what they need and consider:

Will the headphones need to go to school too? Therefore you don’t want to risk them being lost, damaged or stolenHow comfortable does your child find headphones? Whilst all over-ear models are adjustable over their heads, some teens simply don’t like their headphones sitting snuggly on their headConversley, many teens hate the feel of buds in their ears for long periodsWill you have access to charging points? Wireless is definitely preferential for the lack of cords but lack of battery and no charger point could be a far bigger issue for your teen after 30 hours in transitBudget. Put simply there are some very nice but VERY expensive products. Are you buying your teen headphones as a special gift as you expect them to last, or willing to accept that headphones are something that constantly needs to be replaced?

Good luck with that buying decision, we hope you find the ideal pair of headphones for your teen.

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